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My own blog...I have arrived!!!

Hi my name is Zippy and the humans have FINALLY recognized my incredible talent and have allowed me to have my own blog!!!

Let me introduce myself...I am a 12 year old miniature horse, I came to live at Cowboy Heaven 4 years ago. My background is vague but I was used in showing and then as a broodmare but my feet and legs hurt so bad I just couldn't do it SO I was useless to my owner so I was sold to Cowboy Heaven so I would not get bred anymore.

I came to Cowboy Heaven and met Winnie & Minnie, more about them in future blogs. I was a very sick little horse, I had according to my vet (he is okay, but the girls at Montana Equine are awesome) severe laminitis in both front feet. Everyone was very concerned that I might not be able to be saved BUT after many tests and staying in the hospital for a couple of weeks, they came up with a plan. It has taken a team of vets, my farrier Wyatt, and Brenda & Bill, the owners of Cowboy Heaven a couple of years BUT I am so much better now...I am so glad they did not give up on me. I now will lope on nice days and can walk with out pain. IT FEELS SO GOOD!!! I still need to be on a diet and a pedicure (haha) every 3 weeks but it is worth it.

Bill calls me "his little princess" and I can do no wrong, he is correct. I do like to annoy Brenda as she simply will not bow to me as the princess of the barn, so we are at a stand off until I win. My BFF here at Cowboy Heaven is Tilt and he is a crooked headed sheep but he is a good sheep. I will talk about him in a later blog. I will be introducing the "gang' to you all and then keeping you up to date on events happening.


Zippy aka Princess #cowboyheavenminirescue

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