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Our Newest Rescue

This is Moe, a 8 year old stallion that Cowboy Heaven rescued a week ago. Was Moe abused? Not in the sense that one thinks of animal abuse, as you can see he was fed but that was pretty much it. I just kept getting told “he is a jerk”. Well, since we have had him we have caught him, brushed him, talked to him and guess what? He is not a jerk. He now comes up to you in his pen for scratches and will even stand there, no halter, and let me brush him. However, he is very much a frustrated stallion and we don’t keep stallions SO he heads in to be gelded, have his teeth checked & vaccinations on Monday.
As you know we are a 501(c)3 that rely on donations to help with our costs….the estimate for Moe’s vet visit is between $500-600. If you could share this and/or donate to help with this cost that would be awesome!
To donate please click on the donate button below. or mail a donation to Cowboy Heaven Miniature Horse Safe Haven 20 Robins Nest Lane Belgrade, Mt 59714
We thank you and Moe thanks you (though he may not think so for awhile)


The Reasons We Do This

Here we'll introduce you to the growing community of rescues that call our little slice of Cowboy Heaven home. These are the faces of the animals that your donations go to help. Every one of your donation dollars goes to helping these animals.



Little Man


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