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Back Again!!!

We have had a busy couple of weeks so I have been delayed in introducing my friends here at Cowboy Heaven....they brought in a mini donkey...yikes they make weird noises; more on her later.

This is Winnie, she started all mini herd! Winnie is 12 years old. Winnie was severely abused, in fact she is still terrified of ropes and getting caught, I feel sorry for her at times. She came to Cowboy Heaven about 5 years ago, so I guess she was the first princess but let us not forget that I am the princess now. Winnie has lost a baby, she was pregnant when Bill & Brenda brought her home, we think her nervousness just made it too difficult to be a mother. Winnie has a service mini, Minnie, I will discuss her in my next post. Winnie is a sweetheart once caught but YOU have to do things really slow with her, even after all this time but she is much better than when she first came to live here. Winnie also had to have emergency colic surgery and did very well and is doing good 3 years later, phew. Winnie will protect some of us from the sheep, if needed, but mostly she hangs out and LOVES her stall in the winter. Winnie is very happy and content here at the Safe Haven so she will never be up for adoption, she will always stay here.

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