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Phew...I am back!

Sorry my people but this princess has been busy working on donations, site plans to remodel our barn (I am requesting deluxe accommodations that are for a princess). So my apologies....

This week I am introducing Minnie.

Minnie is our only non-rescue. We bought her because she was in with Winnie when we went to rescue Winnie and she calmed Winnie down so she came home with us. We call her Winnie's emotional support mini....they go everywhere together. When Winnie had to have emergency colic surgery, Minnie was in with her as she recuperated at the hospital.

Minnie use to be a show miniature horse but then became a broodmare, she is 12 years old and is as wide as she is tall, her nickname is "thin mint" hahaha....she loves little kids and loves hanging with Winnie of course but also me. She has ALOT of mane and so brushing it out takes a bit but she loves it.

I simply can't wait to get our summer pictures done so everyone can see us in our glory (our mom is bad at taking pictures SO we are getting professional pictures done) will be Zippy and her court (hahaha)

Well until next week.

The Princess aka Zippy

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